Our Story

Our Heritage

Welcome to the creative and colourful world of Jet Gems, an exclusive jewellery atelier that has grown through generations to provide some of the most exquisite custom designs for that perfect piece of fine jewellery to add to your own private collection or gift to a special someone. We know all too well that jewellery is far more than just some bling, and signifies a deeper bond, a relationship, a love that is timeless. That’s why we’re passionate about what we do; we want to help you create something magical that is quintessentially you.
At Jet Gems, we believe that jewellery-making is a form of art and at our atelier, our specialised team will provide you with the ultimate full-service experience from start to finish, which makes us stand apart from any other jewellery store.We curate unique pieces that are all handcrafted with precise workmanship, specific to your desired taste and we pride ourselves on the ability to educate our clients through every step of the process.
Making a selection from our rare and limited collection of stones and diamonds is just the first step in creating your everlasting masterpiece. From here, we will facilitate the design, cut and setting for your very own perfect creation, taking into account every minute detail as we go along. Jet Gems is truly the luxury jewellery destination for all women who appreciate the finest things in life and love.

Our History


With over 35 years of high-end jewellery design experience to his repertoire, Mr. Pradeep Jethani started Jet Gems through sheer passion in an industry where he was considered to be the underdog. His serendipitous debut into the business was only enhanced as he began his journey of self-teaching through observation and visits to some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery design houses. It was through his research and travels he discovered his own style, which inculcates blending rare combinations of gemstones, diamonds, and metal to create wearable art.

As Jet Gems’ CEO/Founder/Owner, Mr. Jethani is personally involved in every client’s journey from the moment they walk through the doors. Mr. Jethani’s precision and care in every small aspect of your creation is unparalleled and his desire to provide the highest-quality product will be evident by his experience and knowledge.

Mr. Jethani’s vision is translated seamlessly through his work with precision and pure perfection. Mr. Jethani has designed jewellery for a range of clients, including celebrities and the elite, and the film and television industry. Mr. Jethani sees ornaments as an enhancement of beauty of style, an art that transcends all boundaries of time, and an opportunity to make a statement amongst men and women both.