Appraisal Service

We always encourage our clients to get their jewellery appraised by a professional, whatever the piece is! Your jewellery is your treasure and should be treated as such. Not only does getting your jewellery appraised help you determine the current market value of your collection but it helps protect your treasure for the future. If you choose to retain our trusted appraisal services, we have a team of highly-qualified gemologists that are equipped to handle your collection with the utmost care and integrity while assuring proper documentation throughout the process. Jet Gems guarantees that the current market value will be taken into account while the jewellery undergoes appraisal and both the appraisal and valuation report will be presented to you at the end. These reports can be further utilized for insurance purposes, liquidation and inventory, and trading and distribution, just to name a few. Throughout our tenure in gemology, Jet Gems has built a solid reputation around precision, candour, and ethics.