The Real Significance of June’s birthstone — Pearls

The Real Significance of June’s birthstone — Pearls

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but pearls are their biggest fashion allies. Millennial and Gen-Z buyers are reclaiming pearls for their modern wardrobes and styling them in creative ways. June babies should rejoice because this versatile gem happens to be their birthstone and it promises to restore balance in their lives, be it emotional or otherwise.

Gemological and astral merits aside, pearls are hugely relevant for the new-age buyers since they have discovered ways to style them for their trendiest fits. For example, a few months ago, a certain ‘Tik Tok pearl necklace’ took social media by storm when icons like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Saweetie were all seen sporting it. 


Turns out, the Vivienne Westwood necklace was a vintage piece which was made in the ‘80s as a fierce expression of modern fashion rebellion. At the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival this year, Deepika Padukone made a stunning statement with a vibrant pearl collar which put a modernist spin on a pearl necklace.


For Indian brides, pearls are a crucial part of their D-day look, especially for daytime weddings when brides want more wearable options that go well with polkis. 


Still on the fence about pearls? Let us tell you why you should go for pearls this season:


The real relevance of June’s birthstone


Pearls are aligned to the zodiac sign of Gemini and are thus assigned as birthstones to people born in June. Though the origin of birthstones is usually linked to ancient astrological beliefs, the modern standardised birthstone list was formulated in 1912 by an organization called The Jewelers of America. To put it simply, birthstones are meant to represent the period of your birth and are thus indicative of your zodiac and also your personality traits.

Pearl Uncut Necklace Jadau

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury and astrologers claim that pearl harnesses the power of Mercury. This is why wearing pearls could make a difference in the lives of June babies.

Another reason pearls are considered the most fitting stone to represent Gemini (people born between May 21-June 21) is that the pearl symbolises the duality or the twin personalities of the people born under this sign (Gemini is often referred to as the sign of ‘The Twin’). According to Vedic astrology, pearls offer dual forces as they neutralise negative energy and instils calmness in your life but it’s also associated with power and strength because it has the potential of making a big impact. 


Wearing your own birthstone simply enables you to channel your inherent strengths and for Gemini folks, this is ideal considering they can often be indecisive and lose their sense of self. 


Core properties


The best thing about pearls is that they have no negative effects on the wearer. Pearl is bestowed with the strengths of the Moon, which is a symbol for motherhood and promises love and nourishment. So, you can wear a pearl, irrespective of when you’re born without having to worry about malefic effects. These are the core benefits of wearing a pearl birthstone:


Boosts Inherent Qualities 

Pearls simply help Gemini people recognise their strengths and enhance their best traits since they act in alignment with the existing astral path. Birthstones can stimulate positive energies to make good changes happen in your life and at times the shifts are quite substantial. 


Brings balance

Balance is quite key for the Gemini sign since the zodiac harbours the traits of two personalities. Their birthstone streamlines the best aspects of their personality, on a spiritual and a metaphysical level. Realistically speaking, you may notice that you have more focus and you are energetically being propelled towards success and wellbeing. 


Boosts mental health


Pearls are often known as wearable mood boosters, they have been known to alleviate stress, and anxieties and bring confidence. In fact, some experts believe pearls can also improve memory and boost intelligence. Meditation enthusiasts believe pearls can balance and heal inner chakras and help people connect better with themselves.


Aids in bodily wellness


Besides mental health pearls can also help your physical health. Pearl can help cure blood pressure and bladder disease and can also work wonders related to throat, eye and stomach conditions.

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