The Real Significance of July’s Birthstone — Rubies

The Real Significance of July’s Birthstone — Rubies

July babies are the luckiest because they get to sport the most dazzling birthstone of all the fierce and audacious ruby. Not only is ruby an out-and-out collector’s stone but it’s valued for its unique depth of colour and its rareness. But gemological merits aside, the stone has always been a preferred choice for royalty and nobility around the globe. 

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Be it the historic Timur Ruby (once owned by the Persian emperor Shah Abbas I) or Queen Elizabeth’s preferred Burmese ruby tiara the ruby has always been an elite gemstone, coveted by the aristocrats.

In modern fashion culture more and more fashionistas are embracing rubies for statement picks, be it on the red carpets or for the bridal memo. But what if your zodiac is aligned with this gemstone? What should you know about the dazzling ruby if you are born in July and rubies are your birthstones?

What’s so special about rubies?

Rubies are often referred to as the ‘king of stones’ and are associated with love, passion, loyalty. The reason it’s so coveted by royal lineages is that the gemstone was worn by warriors as and was considered to be a symbol of strength and power. They also make smart investments because rubies can hold their value better than diamonds in the commercial market.

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Rubies are aligned to the zodiac sign of Cancer and are thus assigned as birthstones to people born in July. Though the origin of birthstones is usually linked to ancient astrological beliefs, the modern standardised birthstone list was formulated in 1912 by an organization called The Jewelers of America.

Ruby is associated with the Sun which brings fame, success and prosperity. For people born under the sign of Cancer, the sun is the lord of the second house. The lord of the ascendant is Moon which is friendly to the Sun. So if you’re born in July, wearing a ruby can bring you success in your career along with fulfilment in relationships.

Core properties

Rubies are powerful gemstones and can have several positive effects on the wearer, especially if it’s their birthstone. Here are some of its core properties:

Improves paternal relationships 

In Vedic astrology, the sun is worshipped as the creator and since it’s associated with ruby, people wearing ruby birthstones can observe an improvement in the relationship with their father or the paternal figures in their lives. 

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Commands luxury

Ruby is often referred to as the ‘king of gems’ or ratnaraj. Rubies have also been associated with royalty and wearing a ruby birthstone is believed to bring the wearer luxury and riches. 

Heals health

Rubies are believed to have healing properties and can boost blood circulation and improve eyesight. Since ruby strengthens the sun’s position in the wearer’s horoscope, rubies can also improve the levels of vitamin D.

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Enhances marital harmony

Rubies are associated with love, compassion, passion and harmony. Naturally, people born in July can turn to wearing their birthstone if they seek to restore balance in their marital relationnships or rekindle romance. In fact, wearing ruby may even manifest your desire of finding a soulmate.

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