Hoops are Great for All Ages

Hoops are Great for All Ages


Hoops are great for all ages  and here’s proof

Be it work-appropriate mini gold hoops that double up as travel accessories or heavier, elaborate cocktail hoops  the hoop trend is a fail-safe styling that will never let you down. With the rise of everyday fine jewellery, more buyers are waking up to the hoop’s versatility in work wear, the cocktail memo and even for travel. And if you think hoops are too young for you or not right for your age bracket, we’ve got pieces that can change your mind.





For teens

Quirky, double hoops


If you’re looking for wearable jewellery that’s dressy yet effortless, consider contemporary double hoops. They are ideal for a post-college do or a dance night. They are lighter than longline danglers and they don’t drag your earlobe down. This is great if you want to wear them for several hours at a stretch. They’re also more versatile because you can wear them with almost everything, from a jumpsuit to an LBD.



For the 20s

Charm hoops


Want a dash of quirk in your daily wear jewellery? Go for charm hoops studded with diamonds. Not only can they elevate a simple look in seconds but can also be styled with formal and casual memos. These mini hoops in gold featuring heart and arrow charms are perfect for a date night or a brunch.





Party-ready hoops


If you’re looking for staple jewellery that’s pairable and also works with winter layers, go for something with intricate details. They exude a new-age vibe but also have a classic finish. The best part about these gold and diamond hoops is that it’s perfectly work-friendly and yet can fit into a dressy memo since they can be worn with some layered gold chains or light chokers.



For the 30s and 40s

Work-friendly medium hoops



Every working professional needs something simple and efficient they can throw on with a white shirt and also recycle for post-work looks. Any medium-sized hoop with a gold base should work as part of your everyday attire but nuanced, modern designs are your best bets for weekday ensembles.


This chic pair of hoops is breathy and dressy enough to elevate a semi-formal look. Pair them with a sharp vest and A-line pants or a crisp white button-down shirt.



Cocktail hoops



Don’t overlook hoops if you’re styling yourself for a cocktail soiree or an elegant dinner. Smaller hoops featuring diamonds and precious gemstones can seamlessly be paired with a saree or classic gown. These Iolite and diamond illusion hoops are set in 18kt hallmarked gold and feature smart colour-blocking which makes them a great statement number.



For post 50s

Classic, mini polki hoops


Want something classic but wearable? Go for jadau polki hoops which have a smaller diameter but an elegant detailing. The clean open setting lets the symmetry of the design shine through. These polki hoops are perfect for weddings and other day-time events. If you’re going for a Banarasi or a zardosi sari, consider going for smaller polki hoops to dial down the drama on your ensemble.



Hoops with pearls


Pearls can make anything chicer. If you’re in your 50s and want something dressy but elegant, explore smaller diamond hoops with pearls. This pair from Jet Gems, for instance, has South Sea pearls and diamonds set in 18kt hallmarked gold. So, it has some texture but it’s not too flashy or over-the-top. The best part is, it’s a perfect day-to-night number!



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