Buy a Necklace Set Instead of a Necklace

Buy a Necklace Set Instead of a Necklace

Jet Gems Fine Jewellery necklace Set with Celebrities Bollywood jewellery

Splurging on some high jewellery? You can’t go wrong with a necklace set. Instead of simply buying one choker or a pair of earrings, go for a set which saves you the trouble of pairing your statement pieces right. Even if you’re on the lookout for petite, light pieces, try shopping for necklace sets that can prove to be an efficient investment since they can be re-used in multiple ways and for classic or modern memos:

A set takes seconds to style

If you have a necklace set, it’ll spare you a lot of time that you would have otherwise needed to spend planning and pairing a look. If you have a diamond choker and no matching studs or earrings, you’ll have to find the perfect pair of uncut diamond studs or drop jhumkas to go with the necklace. But necklace sets come pre-curated so you simply need to put them on!

Pearl Choker set

Classics never go out of style

If you prefer old-school elements or a classic look, you can’t go wrong with a diamond set or a colour-blocked old Hollywood-style number featuring a drop necklace and two elegant danglers. Necklace sets can also offer the look and feel of a lavish statement number especially if your sets feature more than 5-6 pieces.

Jet Gems Necklace Set

A must-have for flaunting coloured gemstones

If you wanna splurge on some Zambian emerald jewellery or even sapphire or tanzanite pieces, going for a necklace set is ideal. If you have a single necklace featuring coloured stones, it could be difficult to pair it unless you have some matching earrings in the exact colour profile.

What most people don’t get is that coloured jewellery should ideally be paired with visually similar pieces and mixing and matching may not be a great idea for high jewellery.

Jet Gems Emerald Necklace set bridal celebrity bollywood

Jewellery sets are best for bridal jewellery

When it comes to bridal jewellery, jadau sets or diamond sets are the best options. Most brides go for sets since they need a necklace, earrings, bangles and rings and they need them to complement each other. 

the image code theimagecode jet gems jadau uncut bridal necklace

But for pre-bridal soirees or post-wedding dos, necklace sets are the most preferred options. Mainly because more and more modern brides are opting for a contemporary sarees for their reception or their mehendi ceremony. Dressing up a low-key or pastel saree is easier when you’re styling it with a matching necklace set.

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