6 Diamond Rings That You’ll Never Get Enough Of

6 Diamond Rings That You’ll Never Get Enough Of

As we near the festive and wedding season of the year, almost 2 Million people are on the hunt for the perfect diamond ring. It’s not really a surprise when you think about how timeless diamonds can be, going with almost any and all of your moods.

Throughout history, and especially advertising history, diamonds have been proclaimed as many things - a woman’s best friend, the most luxurious gemstone you can own, classic staples of fashion, a symbol of independence and power etc. But when you break it down to it, diamonds are popular because of their elegant, sleek, luxurious and enigmatic look. There’s a whole universe inside them and you can get lost if you look closely enough.

So if you’re thinking of buying a diamond ring that you can proudly sport on your finger come any occasion, here are our top six picks!

  1. Iolite and Diamond Ring

    Diamond Ring
    What we love most about this iolite and diamond ring is that it feels like you can see the universe in its multi faceted shine....almost like you're carrying the beauty of the depths of the ocean and the heights of the inky blue sky with you
  1. Classic Diamond Bands

    Classic Diamond bands set in 18kt hallmarked gold as part of our hand curated collection of rings and ring stacks! When you want to go minimal but still want that sparkle, bands are the best way to go

  2. Diamond Engagement Ring

    Celebrate your love with our Baguette and diamond ring for the woman who loves to be bold. If you've been on the lookout for statement engagement rings then this post is for you!

  1. Canary Diamond Ring

    Diamond Ring

    Unique designs and stop-everything-and-look pieces are what we love creating at Jet Gems, like this gorgeous HELEN ring. Canary diamonds and illusion diamond rings and studs make up this beauty, set in 18kt hallmarked gold.

  2. Fine Diamond Rings

    Your bridesmaid accessories are no longer an afterthought, they are an important part of your look. And if you prefer something contemporary then these fine diamond jewellery pieces are your way forward like this emerald cut illusions band

  3. Power Diamond Rings

    Our intricately designed floral diamond rings are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a ring that you can wear to the office and out to a party! Handcrafted perfection in 18kt hallmarked gold that screams elegance and status.

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