5 Diamond Jewellery Pieces That Need To Be a Staple in Your Closet

5 Diamond Jewellery Pieces That Need To Be a Staple in Your Closet

You might’ve heard that there are always some staples that you need to have in your closet - both for fashion emergencies and for just a nice day out. Your little black dress, those heels that make you look fabulous yet don’t hurt, the lingerie that holds you in all the right places and makes you feel like a million bucks. Like Yves Saint Laurent so famously said, “Fashion fades, style is forever”.

One of the few things that can always, always make a person feel stylish no matter what is jewellery. Want to class up a comfortable jeans and blazer outfit for the office? Add your favorite diamonds. Want to put the finishing touches to an understatedly elegant outfit? Add your favorite diamonds!  

But with all this advice out there and the seemingly endless options, when you’re beginning your collection, the jewellery world can get a little confusing. That’s why today, we’re rounding up 5 classic diamond jewellery pieces that you must have in your jewellery box for any kind of day!

1. A Classic Diamond Ring

Now whether you opt for a flashy ring to suit your style or a more minimal one to go with your daily style, a diamond ring is a must. Not only does it make for a gorgeous investment piece, but it also reminds you of your power as an individual.


2. A Minimal Diamond Bangle

A bangle may not be the first jewellery piece that comes to your mind when we say diamonds but trust us when we say that it needs to be a staple. Bangles are the new earrings - they can go with any outfit - indo, wester, a mix, dramatic, minimal, office wear, party, family functions, literally anything. We say to go for a minimal diamond bangle so that styling it is easier and thus simpler to give it the “staple” status.


 3. A Statement Diamond Necklace


You thought we were going to say minimal here, didn’t you? Nope! We believe that a classy yet statement diamond necklace is a staple to have since nothing shines brighter than a diamond and that’s what you need when you need to make an entrance. Other gems will suit you well for many occasions but when life calls for drama, diamonds do the best job.

 4. Any Kind Of Diamond Earrings

This really should have been the first in the list but since we’re diverging from giving you clear cut opinions, here goes - any kind of diamond earrings that take your fancy need to be a part of your staple jewellery box. Whether you like dangling chandelier earrings or small, minimal studs, the choice is really yours as long as you have a gorgeous piece of diamonds dressing up your ears, ready to take on the world.



 5. A Unique Diamond That Makes You Smile 

While owning classic diamond cuts and weights is necessary for easy styling and a posh look, you should own one piece of custom or unique diamond jewellery that makes you smile and allows you to personally bond with the jewellery. Our personal favorite is a custom necklace that spells out LOVE in the most elegant way:


Which piece are you going to make your first staple from the list above?


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