5 Tips to Care for your Jewellery

Jewellery cleaning

Even though diamonds are one of the hardest naturally occurring substances in the world, they should truly be cared for in the gentlest fashion. This especially holds true for your diamond and gemstone jewellery, as once these stones are casted into a metal setting, it significantly changes the composition and makes the piece even more delicate. The truth is – if you wear any type of jewellery, it will eventually need some extra love and care!

Follow these simple tips to care for your jewellery so it forever retains that beautiful sparkle you so love.

1. Avoid contact with beauty and cosmetic products, perfumes, and household cleaning supply.

The chemicals in these components can discolour your diamonds and wear down on your piece. Even the most seemingly harmless products, like moisturizer as an example, have chemicals and oils in it, which in turn stick to your diamonds. While diamonds repel water, they are known to attract oils, which can stain and dull their shine. So, as a rule of thumb, make sure that you put your jewellery on last before leaving the house and take it off first thing when entering.

2. Don’t use any harsh cleaning methods of your jewellery at home.

Does giving your ring a nice scrub with a toothbrush and some soapy water sound familiar to you? Utilizing harsh and abrasive methods like this can loosen up your prongs, causing your lovely gems and diamonds to eventually fall out. Also, be weary of store-bought jewellery cleaner, as some of the chemicals found in these cleaners can actually be harmful for your jewellery and your own health. Instead, try using a gentle soap diluted into water as a solution and soak your jewellery overnight. You can also use baking soda and water and then rinse and dry it with a soft cloth. “At Jet Gems, we always recommend all of our clients to come in to our showroom for any upkeep and maintenance because your jeweller will always know how to best keep your jewellery looking its shiny best!”

3. Storage of your jewellery is key!

While most of us are accustomed to putting our jewellery in a lovely little box with many other pieces of our precious jewellery, it is recommended to always keep them in a separate, soft-padded box, or cushioned pouch to avoid scratches and any bumping and grinding. If you use a regular box, place it in a tissue paper so it absorbs moisture that causes discolouration of your stones.

4. Check up on your collection from time to time.

Maintenance of your jewellery is important because too much dirt and grime, in addition to weather changes, can cause your prongs to wiggle and loosen, thus causing you to potentially lose stones. Make sure you check your favourite pieces to see if any there are any setting or mounts that need to be fixed.

5. Take your jewellery off if you’re doing chores or doing physical activity.

To preserve your precious pieces, it’s best to take them off before you do household work because of the dust particles sticking to the stones and settings. In addition, if you’re planning on doing any form of exercise, your rings can get scratched and the sweat may even cause your jewellery to lose its lustre over time.