The Best Daily Wear Jewellery

The Best Daily Wear Jewellery


Finding wearable jewellery isn’t just about picking smaller pieces or minimal designs. The best daily wear jewellery can work with multiple fashion memos and can be mixed and matched as and when you need. Pearl studs, skinny gold chains, and diamond bangles can be effortless additions to your daily wear jewellery collection because they’re innately pairable and versatile. Here are some other great options

Cocktail Earrings and Stackable eternity rings from jet gems fine jewellery


Candy-coloured pieces or charm jewellery

Add some quirkiness to your attire with adorable charm jewellery or light, elegant coloured jewellery. Charm jewellery can work wonders to contemporise your look, even if you’re wearing moody colours or neutrals. You can go for a sleek drop pendant chain or maybe a stack of light evil eye chains or even a diamond watch charm.


Art deco pieces

A classical art deco diamond number can prove to be a great investment. The carved onyx diamond pendant earring set is a great day-to-night number. You can wear it with a pantsuit or a kurta, but it will also fit in effortlessly with an LBD or a leather jacket.

Carved Emerald Necklace Set by Jet Gems


Sleek longline necklaces


If you’re looking for work-friendly jewellery, consider custom necklaces or skinny gold chains with tiny charms that can be paired with a white shirt or darker colours. The best thing about contemporary gold pieces is that they offer an effortless classic element to any look so it elevates your wardrobe within seconds.

Polki drop earrings

Polki Angulo Earrings by Jet Gems


Want a touch of elegance in your daily looks? Go for some chic polki drop earrings, preferably ones with a pearl accent or some colourful enamelling. You can pair these uncut diamond earrings with almost anything, be it a jumpsuit or a gown.

Stackable gold bangles

Jet Gems in the Gym


Whether you’re working out or commuting to work, these trusty stackable pieces will never fail you. They are petite and versatile and can go with almost anything. You can also consider wearing standalone pieces instead of stacks if you’re a minimalist

Monochrome jewellery

Jet Gems Pendant Set


If you want something offbeat and yet modern, go for unusual colour profiles or neutral-hued pieces with gold accents. This Mother of Pearl and polki jaali set, for instance, can fit into any dress code. They can be worn with a shirt or a saree and are also pairable with any colour.

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