May - The Month Of Emeralds

May - The Month Of Emeralds

This month has been monumental in our lives for a lot of reasons, and as the month winds down, we’re finding another reason to celebrate it: emeralds!

May’s birthstone, the traditional gemstone for Cancer and the symbol of rebirth and love - Emeralds have long been the most desired and valued color gems globally. Goddess Meenakshi in one of our most famous temples, the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, whose idol is traditionally thought to be made of emerald is highly revered. 

“The Jewel of Kings”, emerald encompasses not only royalty but also eloquence, with many believing that emeralds can confer riches, love and power. At Jet Gems, we love designing new ways to showcase the beauty of emeralds. We’ve chosen our favorite ways to wear the beautiful deep green gem below!


At Jet Gems, we believe in creating pieces with a quiet beauty that speaks for itself. Our Zambian Natural Emerald choker here set in 18kt hallmarked gold exudes the romance and elegance of a delicate Camilia - just as strong, just as rare.

This natural Zambian Emerald ring with fancy diamonds set 18kt hallmarked gold is a crowd favorite - for both it’s versatile styling possibilities as well as it’s royal, classic look. 

Zambian emeralds were forged over 100 million years ago by an extremely unlikely combination of rare minerals and surging magma from deep in the Earth’s crust.

If you are looking to make a statement with your look with the help of your rings, then just go by one rule, no bling is too much or too less.

You can wear as many types of rings at the same time, as you could possibly want, or as few - but currently, we’re in love with this Natural Columbian Emerald ring and it’s dreamy color. 

It's time to start celebrating the colors of summer in the air and we can't think of a better ode than emeralds! We're in love with these natural Zambian Emerald diamond earrings, set in 18kt hallmarked gold. 

The main reason why we love this natural Zambian Emerald diamond bracelet set in 18kt hallmarked gold spotted on the gorgeous Mira Kapoor is that it shows one of the qualities we love working with emeralds: no matter what the color or size, emeralds have a way of standing out with dignity.

If you haven't already upgraded your wardrobe with some all-eyes-on-me rings, it’s about time you did! Stack them up as a pair of your favourite set or just wear one as a statement piece because emerald rings are total conversation starters.

A millenial bridesmaid needs a lightweight necklace, because you need to compliment the bride, while also looking drop-dead-gorgeous.

Which is why you would love this natural Zambian emerald studded necklace that features a minimalist design that pulls together any type of bridesmaid outfit.

Which emerald jewellery are you picking up to celebrate May with?

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