Customized Designs

Custom designing your own piece with us means you get to create something absolutely perfect that is inspired by dreams. At Jet Gems, our process is very unique, as we can work with you to either craft your own unique design from scratch or rework an existing heirloom from your collection and transform it to give it a new and modern touch.

Specializing in custom made wedding jewellery, Jet Gems is widely known for its distinctive artistic designs with an emphasis on personalized bespoke jewellery designing service and impeccable workmanship. Our experienced sales and design staff will lead you through the process of selecting the perfect fine diamond or gemstone for you and creating the best custom design jewellery that reflects your unique style. Whatever the case, you will be completely involved in the creative process from start to finish. With our experience and expertise, we can assure that you will get nothing but the best. So visit us now for the best custom jewellery in India.

Our Process

Private Consultation

Your design journey with us will start with us sitting together and talking about what your inspirations are for your perfect piece. We will then work together to select a stone and the metal and look at various existing designs that may spark your interest. Let us guide you while we explore options on how we can make the desired design distinctively you. From here, our team of talented artists will flawlessly sketch your design based on your inputs and you will be able to see your very own piece of jewellery start coming to life.

Our Technology

After we’ve decided on your design, we will then create a 3D rendering of your piece using a CAD software to ensure that it is exactly how you imagined. We will go through a series of detailed images of your piece from every angle so you can make any intricate changes and alterations to the design before it goes into production. One thing is for sure – we will work until your piece is impeccably faultless and guarantee that the final product is precisely what you approved.

Quality Assurance 

At the end of it all, client satisfaction is the most important thing for us and your happiness is all that matters. This luxurious piece of jewellery is symbolic for the start to a beautiful lifelong relationship and will be with you forever, so creating something you will treasure wholeheartedly is our ultimate goal.