Bridal Collection

Being a bride is one of the most precious experiences a woman goes through in her lifetime. We love to help our brides to design a unique customised bridal jewellery with the perfect balance of diamonds and gemstones for their special day.

You know it’s meant to be when the ring fits perfectly.
You know it’s meant to be when the diamonds shine seamlessly.
You know it’s meant to be when your heart screams “that’s the one”
You know it’s meant to be when the jewellery you adorn is the essence of your every expression.
You know it’s meant to be when we make a promise to help you shine through the wedding season.

Our bridal jewellery collection features designer bridal jewellery sets with all and more to steal the show on your big day. With our complete bridal jewellery set, you will have to look for no more glitter to glam the bridal look and sweep your Mr Charming off his feet.



Just like symphony, we promise to shine with you through your bridal journey. Just like the waves in the ocean, we determine to sparkle in every occasion. Just like the faith you have instilled in our legacy, we promise to embark you on a beautiful journey.


Where there are diamonds, there is shine. Where there are jewels, there is a classic design. Where there is love, there is Jet Gems which you can happily call ‘mine’.


Whether you’re the trendy bride who loves the city vibe or you’re the one who follows the traditional bride tribe, we have you covered with your jewels with pure diamonds imbibed. We promise to be loyal to you and shine with you at every phase of your bridal journey.


With pure jewels and embellished diamonds, we promise to make you sparkle your way to the isle. Gleaming shines and endless smiles, are all sure to add to your bridal jive.


Every piece of jewellery at Jet Gems exudes class, sophistication and redefines the modern day woman. Every piece of jewellery designed to perfection, acts in style with substance for every woman. Every piece of jewellery is for the woman who is playful and pretty, inside-out and wants to evolve to perfection.