About Us

Jet Gems specializing in customized jewellery, has been a milestone in the Indian Jewellery industry with expertise since 1981, catering to renowned clients worldwide.

Jet Gems boasts of the most enviable collection of jewellery today, with exquisite workmanship. Every piece here is painstakingly handcrafted and impossible to replicate without losing the essence. This intricate craftsmanship imbues every ornament with a magical elegance and timelessness.

A skilled designer, Mr.Jethani understands his craft like no other, and above all, knows just what a beautiful piece of jewellery can do to enhance a woman’s beauty.

Mass production is now-a-days the norm of the jewellery industry, whilst Mr.Jethani works just the other way around. He firmly believes that making high quality jewellery is a process where time has to be taken to achieve beauty and perfection.

From getting stones cut to specific shapes and proportions, selecting them for colour and quality, to fabricating the piece entirely – setting, cleansing and finishing are some of the processes done by hand.

The craftsmanship signifies the magic of elegance and timelessness. A creation which is adorned by the beauty of the world’s purest diamonds and with a touch of uniqueness.

Jet Gems is truly the final destination for women all over the world who cherish the finest.

About Mr. Jethani

Mr. Pradeep Jethani lives and breathes style. He is a jewellery designer who blends gemstones, diamonds and a variety of metals to create a mélange of stunning forms and colours and has more than 33 years of experience in his bouquet as a jewellery designer.

In an era when the jewellery industry was dominated by Gujaratis and Palampuris, undeterred this Sindhi lad set out to establish himself as a jewelry designer. With no formal training in jewellery design he has learnt and mastered his craft, surviving solely by observation and knowledge gained by visiting various manufacturing units across the world.

He meets all his clients personally at Jet Gems, his Mumbai signature boutique and customizes his high end jewellery to suit his clients’ tastes, whims and personality, in case they want something different. He creates made-to-order collector’s items. He takes care of minute details like the attire a person wears on a day to day basis and the kind of jewellery that would go with it. With the kind of exposure people are having nowadays, Mr.Jethani ensures that each piece is unique and stands apart.

His major inspiration comes from the kind of travelling he does. With every travel of his, he brings in more than one new idea.

A very small piece of jewellery in itself is an art. He loves to design every small millimeter or centimeter of space in that piece to express his idea and to bring out his own unique design. Every piece of jewellery is created in such a way that for a moment he has his clients mesmerized and for a moment, it takes their breath away.

As a favourite person among his clients, he enjoys a very loyal clientele surpassing generations which include celebrities and industrialists. He not only sells jewellery to the A-listers but also sources it for many television shows and events. The long-standing reputation for research, creativity and commitment towards the customers makes him the jeweler to trust.

His passion to outperform himself has transmogrified many of his designs into pieces of art. Inspiration comes to him in varied forms. Just by sitting and watching mundane things also brings in a state of art design jewellery. He never imitates anyone. Originality is his forte and wants to stay by it forever.

His dream mantra is to make sure that clients go back home with much more than their ornaments. Every piece of jewelry created has a unique beauty & grace, this expression of beauty further evokes feelings of excitement, enchantment and style. His creations transcends across all boundaries of time, stunning and appealing to all generations that makes a statement with men and women alike.